Intelligent Revenue

Intelligent Revenue

A Revolution In Revenue Optimization Technology RASCO.ID is a all-in-one revenue analytics dashboard for your property.
With it, you can analyze your reservations history, read market demand,
predict and forecast the upcoming season with enhanced strategy tools.
Data Accuracy
Intelligence generated engine that accesses real-time industry data to continuously informing when an important market change is about to happen.
Precise Forecasting
The latest technology designed to offer more flexibility and control to help you beat your competition.
Enhanced Strategy
Unveil local market information and uncover new revenue opportunities. Increase the effectiveness of yield management strategy.


RASCO.ID is more than just a revenue management system.
It is a intelligence-based solution that helps you effortlessly determine your strategy decisions.
Our technology employs proven big-data analytics and machine learning principles
to deliver optimized pricing recommendations in real time.
The result; more accurate forecasting. smarter room pricing, and measurable ROI estimation.


Market Demand

RASCO.ID analyzes numerous market variables when optimizing forecasts and room rates, including the current supply and demand in the destination, room rates of direct and indirect competitors, historical room rates, flight patterns, meteorological patterns and local events, among many others.

Intelligent UX

RASCO.ID borrows design and workflow elements from everyday B2C technology to aid in quick, seamless user adoption. The Dashboard thinks, learns and morphs to the user’s unique clickstream to reduce the amount of clicks required to complete your tasks every day.